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Queen Of Hearts Ragdolls

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I have decided to retire from breeding Ragdoll cats.  As soon as I can get the time to take their pictures, all the cats in my cattery will be listed on this website to be sold.  All the kittens I have for sale are currently listed on my Available Kittens web-page. Some of the cats I have available for sale with breeding rights are already listed on my Available Breeders web-page.  I do not have any older pet cats to sell.  The only older cats I'll be selling are male and female breeding cats. All cats sold pregnant, or with breeding rights, will be sold only to an approved TICA or CFA cattery. To purchase a cat, or kitten, please contact me via email.

Lovingly Breeding TICA Registered Ragdoll Cats for Your Pleasure  !!!


Is A Cattery Registered With The International Cat Association (TICA)

Breeder Member of the Ragdoll Fancier's Club International (RFCI)

Breeder Member of Ragdoll International (RI)


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